Anastasia Zaichikova Becomes a Partner of R.I.M. Agency


At year-end 2019, by decision of the Board of Directors, Anastasia Zaichikova, Head of the Public Affairs Practice, was appointed as a partner in R.I.M. communication agency.

The partnership concept was created more than 15 years ago to allow leading agency employees to take part in the management of affairs. Apart from the founders of the agency, the partnership includes heads of leading practices and infrastructure areas. “The partnership was created for senior employees who joined our team after the agency creation, and who are making a significant contribution to the development of the company business and infrastructure. It is important to note that partner status not only makes it possible to participate in key strategic decisions, distribution of profits and other pleasant things, but it also implies responsibility for the agency, which is jointly bourne by us before customers, employees, shareholders and the entire market,” said Igor Pisarsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of R.I.M.

“Anastasia Zaichikova has been working in the Agency for almost 10 years, and during this time we have witnessed her outstanding professional growth. Last year, several quite literally enormous and complicated projects were implemented under her leadership. The Public Affairs Practice headed by Anastasia, is one of the key practices in the agency; it is steadily growing and developing in both quantitative and qualitative terms. We wish Anastasia a success in her new status and congratulate her and ourselves on this partnership,” announced CEO of R.I.M. Jacob Minevich.

Anastasia Zaichikova was born in Cherepovets, Vologda Region. In 2009 she graduated from St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions with a degree in Advertising. During her studies, she worked in the press service of the university. After graduation she joined Contacto communications agency in St. Petersburg. Anastasia joined R.I.M. Agency in 2010. In just a year she was appointed project manager at the Public Affairs Practice, and in 2013 she became Head of the Practice. Under her leadership, the agency has created and implemented projects for such clients as Skolkovo Fund, EuroChem MCC, Avtodor Group of Companies, University 20.35., NTI Platform, Deceuninck, etc. Anastasia Zaichikova is a member of the Expert Council of the National Award for Public Relations Development – Silver Archer.