Vladimir Frolov - Partner Andrey Sinitsa - Partner Anastasia Zaichikova - Partner, Public Affairs Practice Leader Jacob Minevich - Partner, CEO Tatyana Ruzina - Partner, Financial & Corporate Affairs Practice Leader Igor Pisarsky - Partner, Chairman of the Board Dmitry Konyaev - Government and Regulatory Relations Practice Leader Alexandra Boeva - Marketing Communications Practice Leader Marina Konstantinova - Partner, Chief Financial Officer Elena Malyvanova - Account Director Ekaterina Belous - Hi Tech Practice Leader

Agency’s specialists have expertise in various areas of communication and public relations. Our team is highly trained and experienced in journalism, strategic marketing, economics and communication analysis, social science, psychology, advertising, creative design, personnel management and organizational consultancy, new media and campaign execution. Main requirements that agency applies when selecting its employees are professionalism, desire to succeed, healthy ambition, aspiration to constant professional development. We always keep in mind that business relationships are impossible without relations between people; this is why we lay special emphasis on working with our employees and their engagement.